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Massage Works Healing Center is owned and operated by Marie Sandoval-Warner and has offered massage in Littleton since 2008.

Our Center is a gateway to
pain-relief offering advanced skills in CranioSacral Therapy, Therapeutic Massage and energy healing.

We view the body as a great healer, capable of transforming itself into total wellness.

Tre Torre at Southpark
8191 Southpark Lane, Unit 101, Littleton, CO

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, Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Infant, Pregnancy
CranioSacral Therapy - including Mouthwork for TMJ and other oral restrictions, Trauma Release, Somato-Emotional Release, REIKI, Lymph Drainage
The brain is an electrical powerhouse that serves as the center of our nervous system. By resonating with different aspects of the brain, CST practitioners can provide the support and feedback needed for the brain to respond and heal itself.


For an appointment contact the Massage Therapist of your choice:
Cynthia Haig     720-645-0012    Tuesday - Saturday

Massage Therapists specializing in Upledger CranioSacral Therapy:
Marie Sandoval-Warner   303-345-8713   Monday-Thursday, Saturday
Vicki Albin                           818-292-6787   Fridays

Massage Therapists specializing in Colorado School of Healing Arts Cranial Sacral Therapy Certification Program:
Janet McCann   303-981-0790    Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Massage Therapists operate independently; for pricing & info click here 


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